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We have a highly trained joyful staff, using their collective gifts as a team and to provide our guest extraordinary experiences in beauty, which supports and trains each other and the next generation, and connected to the community through Embrace a non-profit that offers, physical and spiritual healing.

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Our mission is to truly serve you, going above and beyond, and to create an extraordinary experience for you. We hope to be a positive influence on you in the name of Jesus, who gave us the gifts we have, to create beauty from beauty.


The outcome is having highly trained joyful staff members who use their collective gifts as a team and in turn, provide you with extraordinary experiences in beauty.

You can be a part of our very progressive stylist training program at Charm & Company Salons! This is not an assistant position, but an associate position for you to learn how to be successful in the field, partnering with one of our salon educators. If you live locally and graduated within the past two years or are about to graduate soon, please email us at for more details.

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Beth - Front Desk


Getting the opportunity to get to know our clients and having them share their lives with me is such a joy. I am truly happiest when I'm enjoying the company of other people.


My passion is my family and serving others. I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

Courtney - Salon Director / Stylist


I have been in the industry for several years now. I started out in the salon for almost 5 years and then flowed my passion for teaching into our future professionals of the cosmetology field. I taught in Royal Oak for four years and loved being a part of my students' lives. I am now with the wonderful ladies of Charm & Company Salons. I love working in downtown Oxford and being born and raised in Oxford myself-it is a joy to be apart of the community. More importantly, I love my interaction with my clients and helping them see their true beauty!


I am blessed with an amazing husband and beautiful daughter!

Chris - Esthetician / Stylist


I enjoy providing my clients the personal attention and service they deserve with the goal in mind to help people feel beautiful about themselves.


It's a blessing to know I can enrich my guest with a relaxing facial. Cutting and coloring their hair, applying skin care & make up just accentuates the beauty that's already within my guest. I strive for excellence by continuing my education to further my techniques and learn new trends and styles.


My favorite time away from Regina Paul is when I'm loving on my husband and two sons.


Heather - Stylist


I have been in a salon since I was a little girl. With a mom and aunt both owning salons, I always knew this is what I wanted to do.


I have been licensed for 12 years now and am very passionate about hair and learning all that I can about it through continuing education. To me, people are the most important part of our job and that's why I love the salon.


All of our staff is focused on giving our guests the best experience possible.


Shelly - Stylist / Esthetician


I have been with Regina Paul Salons for the past 13 years. It is a wonderful group to work with.


I am passionate about all aspects of the beauty industry. I am continuing with all avenues of education. This industry changes very rapidly, so it is essential to stay current with all the changes. My main focus in the salon is to make my clients feel good about themselves with the best art, color, skin care & make up to enhance their natural beauty.


I feel it is important to choose a look that works with your level of skill to care for your cut, color, skin care, make up that works within your budget and time. My life's passion is to share my skills with love, kindness & understanding to all I come to know. I would feel honored to have you visit the salon.



Renae - Stylist


Hairdressing has always been a huge part of my life. I was the little girl who played "make-over" with my friends and spent hours with products and tools. I attended cosmetology school while in high school and was licensed at age 18.


I love hair color! I love the science and art of using color and techniques to give a great effect. The options are endless. The sky's the limit!


My personal life passion is my family, my faith, and my future. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and 6 great kids.


Renae Download Employment Application Form courtney1 Bev Pic

Bev - Front Desk Staff and Nail Tech


Bev is a wonderful member of our team! She has taken a role with our front desk team and also taking clients with manicures and pedicures.


Bev is always making sure our salon and staff are comfortable and does it with a smile! Always willing to help clients and staff so that their experience is above and beyond!